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Jackie specializes in dot work, black work, and illustrative interpretations of your most creative ideas. She thrives off of being given the freedom to really go wild with your concept and goes even wilder with having the most fun each day in the shop! Geometrics are always something she enjoys mixing into each piece. When she’s not packing heavy black, she’s being her true weirdo self, bantering and giving finger guns to everyone whether you want it or not. She’s also looking to branch into more realistic pieces with her unique dot work flare, and spice up your day with classic one liners and outlandish laughs. Jackie works to provide a comfortable, fun and unique tattoo experience for each client! 


I kindly ask that you read thoroughly and answer ALL questions listed below, in reply to this email. This helps me to stay as organized as possible, and is required for this round of booking. Emails are answered in the order in which they are received, and are personally answered only by me, so please be patient with response times. All emails will be responded to whether the project is taken on or not for this round. Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Im looking to stick primarily to geometric, and illustrative pieces. All inquires will be reviewed, however my available slots are limited for this round. I’m off from tattooing on Mondays, Thursdays and every other Tuesdays. All appointments start at 11am(:

Pricing: I charge $180 an hour with a $180 deposit. The deposit will be applied to the tattoo. If it is a multiple session tattoo, the deposit will be applied to the last session(:


1. A detailed description of what you’re looking to get tattooed
2. Where on the body you’d like tattooed and clear photos of the area.
a. Photos of the area on your body help to create the design to specifically fit you(:
3. Any reference photos for inspiration for what you’d like tattooed
a. This is extremely helpful with giving me a jumping point to be inspired by when creating your custom piece(:

** our website doesn’t allow you to upload photos, please upload photos to a folder in google drive and copy & paste the access link in the space below. OR you can answer the following questions above & attach photos in an email to [email protected]

Deposits can be paid through venmo, paypal, cash app or Apple Pay. If any changes are made, there will be a $80 fee to reschedule, anything after one reschedule will require a new deposit.

Thank you so much again for your interest in my work! Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!

With love,


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