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Silvia Gerina

This has been straight up and hands down the bestest ever course I’ve ever invested in! Every time I even think about it I get so excited and pumped up! Reese and Kaela both took such care and answered all of our questions and even added bonus material based on our wants and needs! The zoom calls were amazing as well, got to know some amazing artists all over the world and would love to do collaborations with them! The information in the course has been phenomenal, just blows my mind how much valuable information has been packed in! In my opinion this course is worth so much more than what it’s priced at! Reese’s attitude and bubbly personality have been such a joy to be around and witness and have definitely influenced my mindset towards the business side of tattooing! I am already seeing great progress In my own business and will continue to implement all the given information and am sure will have even bigger success in the near future! I also have bought the IG Reels Mini course and have loved that as well! Anything new that comes out I will be investing in for sure! I am now a true dedicated fan! Thank you ,Reese, for all your hard work, positive attitude and care!  
P.S. I’ve never been this excited about studying something in my life 😅 

InkSpired Academy is the ONLY proven step-by-step program that teaches tattoo artists exactly how to become intentional business owners!

Unlike other “Social Media” classes you’ve taken or seen, this program was created by a tattoo artist specifically for tattoo artists. 

Freaking Finally, Right?! 

You will follow my strategy of Alignment (Confidence building and online authenticity), Clarity (Being clear with who you are, your style, and your intention), Attraction & Conversion (how to create content that attracts and converts soul followers into soulmate clients), and Automation (email marketing & client lists). 

I see the same 3 stressors again & again in my InkSpired Clients:


You KNOW other artists are getting clients from Instagram, but HOW do you grow your following and convert those followers into high-paying soulmate clientele. 

You’re stressed out, burnt out, and not making the money you want. You want to raise your prices, but afraid that might turn off your dream clients. And you are turnin’ and burnin tattoo styles that you don’t love, but don’t wanna miss out on that extra cash. 

And on top of all that, Instagram looks overwhelming?! What should you post? What shouldn’t you post? How to take quality, consistent tattoo photos? How many times do you need to post? How to write engaging captions? How to attract real followers & turn them into actual clientele….


You love tattooing…you just want someone to help you make getting clients simple, so you can actually focus on YOUR ART. 

Sean Grimes

InkSpired Instagram is a must for anyone who uses Instagram to promote their tattoo business. This program does not do the work for you, but it does put the tools in your hands and shows you how to use them.
Reese's positive energy makes this course fun and lighthearted while teaching you how to use your time on social media more effectively and efficiently.

Thad Curry 

This course turned out to be very informative , easy to follow, and loaded with actionable information. This is a business course centered around the tattoo industry, not a tattooing course and I love that!
In the end it's not a get rich quick course, it's something that takes effort from the students, but Reese gives you all the needed tools and information to succeed and grow your social media following which eventually grows your bank account!

Isaac Mackenzie

Reese did a wonderful job putting together a course that guides you through instagram's platform, with tips and tricks for better eye catching social media.
Reese's program is light, fun, and energetic. She has a way of keeping the motivation and encouragement high to work through your career goals. I believe this course a great deal for as much information that is presented. 
I highly recommend this course if you want to take your IG to the next level!
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What if I could help with all that?

What if...

  • Everyday you got to work on a dream tattoo, with clients that you love working with
  • New soulmate clients were booking appointments with you
  • Clients were sending your tattoos to you as inspiration, giving you creative freedom
  • You were booked 2-3 months out, and feel confident about raising your prices
  • You could say no to clients that aren’t in your dream style, and solely work on pieces that excite!
  • Brands reached out to feature your artwork and offer you sponsorships
Sounds good right? I thought it was too good to be true, until it happened to me! 
I was working my ass off, saying yes to EVERYTHING, getting more and more burnt out. And even though my following was growing, they weren’t the soulmate clients that I knew were out there. 
And that's when I started to do my research…
I started to implement strategies. Kept up with my analytics. Started to study - not only other tattoo artists' pages, but so many other similar industries to understand exactly what they were doing. I even got coached.
Then finally, I started to grow exponentially with a following that turned into the clients I was manifesting.
I began to see the results I wanted: dream tattoos, creative freedom, booked out for months, and the confidence to say no to projects that didn’t align with my goals. I had increased my income from $2,500 a month to making consistent 10k months.

That’s when I realized that I was onto something… and that I couldn’t keep all this fuckin’ AWESOME information to myself!

Erinn Simmons

I have been taking part in the class offered by @theartofreese. Best investment ever!!! Absolutely amazing artist and human. Go check out her page.

Stephen Johansson

 Just wanted to say thank you so much for InkSpired. Was an honor, learned so much. Looking forward to greater success :) the proof is in the numbers

Irene Missler

Hey Lady, I just wanted to thank you for both courses I took last year. 🙏🏻 2022 has only just began and I am already smashing them goals! 🙈 Like what the actual fck! 🥰

In this program, I will walk you through a step-by-step process of how to create engaging & valuable content that not only attracts new followers, but also convert followers into soulmate clients. 

In this program you get...

  •  All the strategies I use from what, when, & how to create exciting, attractive content on your Instagram feed, stories, Reels, and IGTV
  •  The foundation to build a wildly successful business using Instagram by turning into strategic & creative alignment
  •  The know for creating content that will have your soulmate client feeling inspired and in awe of your work
  •  Reese’s $10,000 month strategy to keep your Instagram growing organically, intentionally, and consistently 
  •  Complete confidence in knowing you are are and what you do as a intentional tattoo artist

The Course Consist of:

  •  An online course with 6 in-depth modules that will teach you concepts like finding confidence and your brand, taking photos, video content, content planning & strategy, and tons of bonus material ($3,000 Value)
  •  Lifetime Access: No matter how you choose to go through the course, It will always there for you to refresh your memory and dive deeper into concepts. NO renewal fees - once you are in, you are InkSpired for life
  •  50+ videos, templates, and worksheets to keep you on task and organized, no matter how you learn! ($1000 Value)
  • Access to the private Facebook group, which mens that you are never alone! You get to build a network of intentional tattoo artists & creatives from all around the world ($550 Value)
  •  Weekly group coaching sessions & Q&A with Reese for the first 8 weeks of the course. Reese will be there to help you with accountability, support, and new insight. ($3000 Value)
  •  Free Updates & Upgrades: The program is made with YOU in mind. If you need additional material, I will create it for you! You will always be up to date with the latest strategies, and get all the newest editions of the program ($750 Value) 
    All for ONLY $1997.00 (Payment Plans Available) 

InkSpired Academy course opens April 12, 2022

Enrollment starts in 2023

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