2x your Clientele using Instagram Reels

If you are a Tattoo Artist struggling to grow your clientele on Instagram, and you've been wanting to try IG REELS to get the growth boost you need, but are unsure of how to use it or what to post that will go viral and double (or even TRIPLE!!) your IG growth...then this Mini Reels Course, Specifically for Tattoo Artists, is just for you!

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Since the creation of Instagram Reels


 I have not just doubled, but I have TRIPLED my IG growth! (Check out my view statistics and insights!)

With this wildly new growth of ideal viewers that have turned into clientele, I've had to raise my prices AND I am booked out months in advanced with the style of tattoos I LOVE tattooing.

(Compared to being at the same price point for the last 2 years, and booked out only a few weeks in advanced)

Learn the Secret Sauce to Going Viral as a Tattoo Artist using REELS.

I have created a REEL Mini Course specifically for Tattoo Artists where I am sharing my Simple Strategies to creating REELS that are engaging & attention grabbing, so you can get more eyes on your artwork using INSTAGRAM.

This is the same strategy I've used to gain:

-Over 430K followers on TikTok

-Gain 3,000K followers per week on Instagram (compared to about 300 a week, even in two weeks, before Reels)

Buy Now | $37.95

You Videos could be seen WEEKS after posting them!

The RAD thing about REELS is that they have a lifespan of WEEKS, unlike your classic feed posts that have a lifespan of up to 48 hours at the most. 

Which mean that WEEKS after posting your video, you can still get views and grow your following. 

Which mean less times spent on Instagram!

And if you are into TIKTOK, you know how fast it is to grow even as a small account.

Well, guess what... REELS does the same thing!


Mini REELS Course for Tattoo Artists includes:

- 3 Video Lessons ($200) created specifically for my fellow artists to help understand what are REELS and how to create REELS that will go Viral with the strategies I've used (Videos could be devoured in less than an hour!)

- Video Tutorials and Examples to create your REELS ($100) (including using 3rd party apps, such as; TikTok and Videoshop)

- E-Book of over 30 Different Content Ideas specifically for Tattoo Artists ($65)

Buy Now | $37.95

Now is the time to jump on the REELS bandwagon!


You WISHED for a better algorithm, well here it is!

NOW is the time to create REELS, while it's still easy to quickly grow a following of an ideal audience that can potential turn into clientele!

Buy Now | $37.95