GUEST SPOT | Felipe Kramer

April 2022


Kramer is a Brazilian artist specialized on Custom Lettering (Calligraphy) and Black&Grey realistic works, having won ten national awards at tattoo conventions for with his designs. The art pieces are all made for each client exclusively. He is always looking to get the best anatomical fit, according to the location of the body to be tattooed. Also, The calligraphy works can be done freehand as well! 

Kramer likes to create pieces mixing both styles, Lettering and Realism on his unique way to do so.  He is proud to give each of his clients a different and exclusive piece of art. Designs in these styles are his primary focus for this round of booking, however, we are very open to hearing any and all ideas that you may have for us to review (: 

Pricing: Kramer charges $170 an hour, with a $175 deposit that will go towards the tattoo. 


  1.         A detailed description of what you’re looking to get tattooed
  2.         Where on the body you’d like tattooed and clear photos of the area.
  3.         Photos of the area on your body help Kramer to create the design to specifically fit you(:
  4.         Any reference photos for inspiration for what you’d like tattooed
  5.         This is extremely helpful with giving Kramer a jumping point to be inspired by when creating your custom piece(:


We thank you so much again for your interest in Kramer’s work! Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!