Tattoo Social Accelerator

The ultimate foundational business course for the intentional tattoo artist who is looking to create sustainable and aligned strategies to elevate and expand their tattoo business. 

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Not just your run-of-the-mill Instagram Marketing Program. TSA nurtures the brand as a whole, meaning YOU as the whole human. Because you are the brand. It's the strategies and structures to create a solid inner and outer foundation. It's about Building brand recognition and a name for yourself around your mission, movement, and message, so you can grow and scale to 6 figures and beyond.

It’s time to ditch the overwhelm, overwork, and under paid way of doing business and create a business from a place of balance and ease.
  • Cultivate the confidence and success mindset in order to show up authentically, online & offline
  • Create magnetic content that attracts your soulmate community through Instagram
  • Gain clarity on your message, movement, business path, & tattoo style
  • Release the Limiting Beliefs & up-level your worth, and ¬†raise your prices
  • Book yourself months in advance with soulmate clients who come to you specially for YOUR magic
  • Buy back your time by building marketing strategies & structures and automation to help streamline your business and get away from the mundane tasks that do NOT light you the fuck up!

what to expect from tattoo social accelerator

  • An understanding of Reese‚Äôs Signature 5 Part Framework: Visionary Mindset, Brand Identity, Social Media¬†Strategy, Time Management, Emotional Mastery.
  • Practices on creating a vision with confidence & success through somatic healing meditations, deepening your connection to source wisdom, and defining your strategy for social media
  • Focusing on a holistic approach to your business and social media marketing strategies
  • Developing the skills to master¬†the art of creating relationships & converting community into¬†soul mate clients (getting booked out!)
  • Guidance to creating clarity¬†around your mission, message and movement¬†

TSA follows Reese's Signature 5-Part Framework:


 This course was designed specifically for the Heart-Led Tattoo Artist who is looking to Elevate & Expand their Business through aligned strategies and structure to create a solid inner and outer foundation that scales exponentially.

Building brand recognition around your mission, movement, and message so you can grow and scale to 6-figures and more.

You are not just a tattoo artist

You are a healer, a creator, an entrepreneur. You are ready to hit your highest income months, expand your impact and brand with spiritual alignment, and take bolder action in your creative expression all while leading with your heart.

You are so done with the “Overwhelm, Overwork, & Over Do It” mentality. You are over the feelings of No Time, No Energy, & No Money Vibes.

You are being pulled in a different direction. A new way to do business. A business that WORKS for you. You are ready to collapse time from where you are and where you want to be.

You are a Heart-Led Intentional Tattoo Artist who desires to grow a life-giving business on your own terms.

This Program is For:

  • Those who are looking to truly connect with inner wisdom
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to stop imitating others & begin innovating their own path
  • Tattoo Artists who struggle to take action because they are unsure in which direction they should go
  • Those who are ready to honor co-creating with the universe & consciously expand to grow to 6 figures & beyond
  • The Spiritual Business owner who wants to understand how to operate a successful business & Create a strong social media marketing plan
  • The creative who feels alone in their business and craves a community
  • Individuals who struggle how to successfully covert community into soul mate clients
  • Those who want to make big money through a purpose filled business with confidence and ease.



  • ¬†6 In-Depth modules walking you through the pillars of mindset, authentic brand development, aligned content strategy & creation, foundational marketing skills, & business automation techniques to create more time freedom for tattoo artists of all stages to layer & scale their business ($8,000 Value)
  • ¬†Proven Strategies and Energetics to create intentional, magnetic content that will attract the RIGHT followers to your page who will become soulmate clients, followers, & community ($2,000 Value)
  • ¬†30+ videos, templates, & workbooks to motivate, inspire, guide, & structure - no matter how you learn! ($1,000 Value)
  • ¬†Access to Reese's private Facebook Group - InkSpired Vortex! Where you can connect with other intentional tattoo artists and Reese herself! Where you can ask questions, participate in discussion boards, share your wins and struggles of the week, find support, community, Q&As about tattooing and business, and so so much more!
  • ¬†AND of course - the program is made with YOU in mind.


  • Traveled the world tattooing
  • Created a community of like-minded people
  • Become Mentors
  • Opened their own public & private studios
  • Created a desired brand around a style and energy that is all their own and that they LOVE

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Sarah Lin

I booked out my next 3 months. I booked and am continuing to book custom designs I posted. I booked $20,000 in tattoo appointments in the last 24 hours. I’m doing the work, being intentional. I appreciate you more than I can even say

Haylo Johnson

I am now officially booking clients into January of 2024. I am confident that I'm solid all the way through 2023. So even booking plans for Christmas of next year, yes. I have clients on the books. I'm booking bigger pieces. I'm booking pieces I want to do.

I'm only working with clients I want to work with, I've utilized the tools and the things to free up my time, to give me more time to be creative with my clients.

Megan Wood

Within just a couple weeks, I already started to notice changes in me and my business. I am more connected to my art, and more connected to my clients so that I can give them a tattoo they will love forever. I loved the course so much that I already signed up for another one and did some one-on-one coaching sessions.

Shara Diamond

I am SO very great grateful that I took this workshop. I looked past the fear of investing in myself on a whim and not only has my business improved so has everything else in my life. I’ve never had such an honest, supportive and loving mentor that actually wanted me to succeed. Thank you Reese for showing me how to be confident and that I am capable and worthy of achieving my goals.

Louise Heathron

This is an amazing calling for everyone! Whether starting out or a few years into the business. Such a wide array of modules covering everything that will help you business wise as well as some practical application. If you see the program and something tells you to go for it; do it! It’s one of the best decisions of my career so far!

Erin Carson

‚ÄäWell, thanks to your help. I went from making about 30k last year. I'll probably do about 60k, 62k this year. Yeah, it's pretty good. And next year gross would probably be around 200k. Which means that I'll be taking home about a 100k!

Linda Torres

This program is absolutely worth it. Reese is kind and supportive and full of light energy she gives out everywhere. She has tons of structure, but still has fun! She always has a positive outlook and is always willing to help guide us! She gives us tools and lets us do what we will with them. Never did I feel forced to do things exactly her way. The guidance I received was invaluable! I’m so grateful for her as a coach and to the community I get to be a part of now!

Bryan Goetsch

I recommend this to any tattoo artist of any level looking to get to the next level not only in their tattoo business but also their mind set. We all know the tattoo industry can be a little rough sometimes especially when first staring out. This course is defiantly worth the money. it gives you so much from optimizing your Instagram for your tattoo business to connecting with like minded artist that can create new opportunities. Plus you have Reese walking you through it and helping with any questions or frustrations along the way. I really loved this course and im glad I took a chance on it.

Aly Hyde

Working with Reese has been a dream come true. I can’t even describe it! I’ve grown more confident with my self image, with the content I’m putting on social media to advertise my tattoo work - and allowing my personality to genuinely shine through in my posts. I’ve made significant emotional connection with many of my clients before they’ve even met me. I can’t speak enough of how I’ve felt supported and heard in my discovery of my true worth, than through taking this course.

Silvia Gerina

This has been straight up and hands down the bestest ever course I’ve ever invested in! Every time I even think about it I get so excited and pumped up! Reese and Kaela both took such care and answered all of our questions and even added bonus material based on our wants and needs! The zoom calls were amazing as well, got to know some amazing artists all over the world and would love to do collaborations with them! The information in the course has been phenomenal, just blows my mind how much valuable information has been packed in! In my opinion this course is worth so much more than what it’s priced at! Reese’s attitude and bubbly personality have been such a joy to be around and witness and have definitely influenced my mindset towards the business side of tattooing! I am already seeing great progress In my own business and will continue to implement all the given information and am sure will have even bigger success in the near future! I also have bought the IG Reels Mini course and have loved that as well! Anything new that comes out I will be investing in for sure! I am now a true dedicated fan! Thank you ,Reese, for all your hard work, positive attitude and care!  

P.S. I’ve never been this excited about studying something in my life ūüėÖ