Reese Hilburn


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Reese is an award winning tattoo artist and fine artist.

You may have seen her on SpikeTv hit show Tattoo Nightmares Miami.

She would consider herself a wanderlust; galavanting around the world with her tattoo machine in hand. She currently works in her public shop in Solana Beach, The Edge.

 She is a tattoo artist based in San Diego County. Her style leans more toward abstract realism, in black and grey and color. Preferring to always lean toward brighter, bolder colors than that in nature. Florals, Animal, and Portraits are what she genuinely enjoys doing, with watercolor and geometric additives. With your ideas and her imagination, she is certain she can create the tattoo of your dreams. 

A parasite for knowledge with a workaholic mentality, she still attends numerous art seminars and classes, where she continues to hone her skills. Her obsession with “wanting more” continue to be the keys that unlock her ever growing imagination.


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