Reese Hilburn


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Reese is an award winning tattoo artist, spiritual tattoo business coach, tattoo  educator, and proficient bingo player based in San Diego, CA 

You may have seen her on SpikeTV’s hit show Tattoo Nightmares Miami.

She would consider herself a wanderlust kid, gallivanting around the world with her tattoo machine in hand spreading positive vibes through her artwork and the experience she provides to everyone she sticks her needle in ( and to those she doesn’t poke, too!)

Her style leans toward abstract realism, in black & grey and color. Preferring to always lean toward brighter and bolder colors to match her colorful personality. 

Florals, Animals, and Portraits are what she genuinely enjoys doing, with watercolor, traditional, and geometric elements.

 In the 10 years she has been tattooing, it is now her mission to help other intentional tattoo artists create success within their business. She has created, InkSpired Academy, a program specifically for tattoo artists to do just that. 

She helps artists get into an energetic and strategic alignment so they can create more Impact, Wealth, Community, and Freedom within their tattoo business.



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