To build an iconic brand is to leverage sales. 
Stories are what stick. 
It's what bonds us together. 
It’s what sets you apart from other artists & helps you build trust with your community because people only pay who they trust. 
Learn how to weave powerful stories in your content messaging to leverage sales. 
Find your Origin story to make it your Conversion Story.

 Join us for a FREE Masterclass on Converting Storytelling. 

April 9th at 7:30-9:00AM PST

Live on ZOOM

*replays available*

In our time together we will explore:


  • The 7 steps to building an Iconic Stand Out Brand by using your Authentic Soul Expression

  • Finding your Purpose, the Big Brand Message that magnetizes in a soul aligned community

  • Weaving powerful stories in your content messaging that calls in your soul mate clients

  • To raise the vibration of the planet starts with you.