JANUARY 12-16, 2025

Join me for 5 days in AKUMAL, MEXICO for the Worthy Wealthy Holistic Business Retreat! 

*women's retreat*

To run a holistic business means that you are focused on the business as a whole. And that includes you.

Not only are we going to take care of you by providing an all inclusive experience, for much needed physical, mental, spiritual R&R - BUT also providing a unique & personalized business blueprint.

Are you ready to experience what it’s like to make quantum leaps in your business as a tattoo artist, healer, and spiritual entrepreneur by creating a well rounded, magnetic brand that reflects you as a multi-passionate creative.

5 days of business uplevelment,  much needed creative relaxation, and doing it all in the power sisterhood.

Time to feed your creative intuition. 


This is for the artist who wants a full body immersive experience to create a magnetic brand following your soul's mission.

Provided For Your Stay By Our Team:
  •  Mansion Stay
  •  Private Chef
  •  Biz Masterminding
  •  Healing Ceremonies
  •  Excursions & Exploration throughout the town
  •  Yoga
Your Mastermind Experience Includes: 
  • A Unique Business BluePrint Created with/by REESE (specifically for YOU) for Social Media Marketing, & Overall Brand (That you can take home with you and implement ASAP)
  • A Unique Launch Strategy Created with/by REESE (Specifically for YOU) to opening your Books and Getting you Booked Out
  • Clearing, Healing, & UpLeveling any Limiting Beliefs and Subconscious Rewiring through Somatic Healing Practices so that you can Begin to Walk in the Boldest, most Confident Self Yet
  • Building a Practice around Radical Self Acceptance in order to tap into your Self Sourced Power of Creativity
  •  Be in Community of Spiritual Artists and Creatives who Desire to Build Their Business by their own Design

Meet Your Mentor!

Hi, I am Reese, Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Shop Owner, and Spiritual Biz Mentor, & Meditation Queen. My work focuses on helping heart-led intentional tattooers heal their wounds, shadows and traumas, while simultaneously growing and scaling their tattoo business on Social Media.

I believe that by shining the light on the parts of ourselves that we reject & bring acceptance, love, & forgiveness to those parts, we clear energetic and mental pressure around our worth & capabilities. Allowing artists to wield their personal authentic power, communicate and express from the heart, and come into full possession of their souls purpose on this planet to bring in the Wealth, Impact, Community, and Freedom they desire in their Tattoo Business and Life. 

Having a degree in business marketing, and a background in integrative trauma practice, tattooing, and being just an all around serial entrepreneur; my businesses have generated multiple millions of dollars in the last 13 years. 

I’ve cracked the codes to Consistent multiple 6-figure+ years with just tattooing 3 days a week, & 2X my income since becoming a business coach in 2020. 

My Mission is to provide a holistic AND action oriented approach to re-awakening the soul and bringing in the type of Wealth & overall Unique Success you want in your tattoo business.