Looking to get 9+ programs to help you elevate, connect, & inspire? 

To the Moon is the ultimate gift to yourself + your business.  To the Moon is a year long portal for you to have access to 9 of my signature programs, while ALSO getting first grabs on any upcoming NEW programs! 

Inside To the Moon, you will receive community, accountability, inspiration, technique, strategy, and the confidence that you are f*cking magnetic and are ready to cultivate an unforgettable tattoo brand. 

Get Me To The Moon

Align & Rise Collective

Join us in THE ARC. Where we make Mental + Spiritual health #1 priority, 

  • Unlock your magnetic potential by embracing unapologetic self-expression. 
  • Release the energy tied to playing small and prioritize your spiritual + mental health. 
  • Elevate your tattoo brand with authenticity so they can ignite the pathways forward toward Financial Freedom.

Tattoo Social Accelerator 

The ultimate business course for the spiritual tattoo artist who is looking to create sustainable & aligned strategies to elevate and expand their tattoo brand. 

90 day tattoo social accelerator is dedicated to long term results following a 5-part framework that will help you build a magnetic af brand using social as a portal to collapse time to getting to know you & as a funnel to turn strangers into soul mate clients. 


Booked Out!

For the Artist who desires to...

  •  Start Bravely running their Instagram like a Business, instead of a portfolio, 
  • So they can build a Magnetic Brand, call in Soul Mate Clients,
  • And Book Out their schedule weeks, even months, in advance with EASE… even with a “small following.” 
Booked Out!
Join To the Moon

InkSpired & Aligned

Creating space for the next 12 months by cutting cords to the past & embodying the version of yourself who has already achieved these goals so you can be energetically aligned and attract anything and everything you’ve ever wanted. 

3 Day Workshop 

InkSpired & Aligned

Opaque Rituals & Techniques

In this course, I dive into both spiritual and technical concepts that will walk you through energetic practices, charging your creativity, tattoo design, and tattooing. 

Offering you energetic ways to be intentional with your client long before you have your client in your chair.


Opaque Rituals

This is your opportunity to manifest and magnetize the life of your dreams through your shadows.

High Level Program that will amplify your mission, liberate your truth, & manifest & magnetize the wealth, impact, success and freedom in life and biz.

Unshakable Personal Power

Join To the Moon


22 day meditation challenge for artists, healers, guides, entrepreneurs, & creatives who are ready to take their wildest dreams and turn them into a reality through medicine & science of meditation. 

8 different Somatic Meditations, Healings, and Rituals that will shift your identity, innovate your business, and ultimately change your life.


IG Reels Mini Course

IG reels is one of the best ways to play and utilize your creativity in sharing your artistic medicine with the world. 

This mini course has 3 video lessons to help you understand how to use & create content that will go viral from an aligned place. 

Plus an E-Book of 40 Different Content Ideas specifically for Tattoo Artists


IG Reels Course

Content Magnetism

A signature masterclass by Reese

Becoming an Energetic Match to the Soul Mate Community and Clients you desire to call into your space through Instagram content

Content Magnetism
Join To The Moon

Why to The Moon?

  • You get 9 of my signature programs that have helped tattoo artists from around the world elevate their mindset & tattoo business 
  • Get access to multiple monthly group coaching sessions through programs like ARC and current active sessions (TSA, Booked Out, etc.) 
  • Daily Telegram Training Sessions with ARC
  • 1 Group Meeting a Month Just for To The Moon
  • Private community of intentional, spiritual creatives to mastermind, connect, and growth alongside
  • $30,000 value in programs for a year ONLY $6,000.
  • Access to any new programs + classes that are launched throughout the year 
  • Access to a variety of programs to scratch whatever creative itch you come across - and with close proximity to Reese, who knows...maybe the next program is created with just YOU in mind
Become Apart of To the Moon

Wait...go back a second... $30,000+ Value in Programs for ONLY $6,000?

uhh..yeah...did i stutter??? (heehee) 

I am so excited to be offering a year long opportunity for support & mentorship. Will I see you To The Moon? (and beyond *wink wink*)